There are so many men, throwing their stones around. Inside they're all terrified.
Of course they're terrified, the youth have a new mind.


Shithole Country

Wow....what an asshole.


Diagnose This

He wants to raise the price again.

Rubber Bullets

they nearly blew her arm off


Blame The Victim No More

and all the Kavanaughs will Sing....Boys Will Be Boys.....

Here Comes The Flood

flood of oil leaks and spilt blood.



You can't hide your dirty sheets when they up and walk around.

Shooting Stars

when they said shoot for the stars, I don't think that's what they meant.


'Merika Is A Gun

No, .....Really

Burning Diamond

and I'm about to burn out.



It's A Bittersweet Life

What's A Guy To Say?


Why Black Kites Fly

Would you believe that they actually send this guy, Nikolas Cruz, a bunch of love letters?

Mad World

It never gets old. as pointed today as the day they penned it.


Cast A Shade Long

If you've got nothing nice to say...

Tough Love, Hurts

It really does.



until you find out what's missing inside, inside.
with Tenor Sax, Paul Ahlstrand
and Drums by, Thomas Hallett

Fake News Fix

it's ok, the news isn't real anyway. It it was real, someone would surly do something about it, right?


God Is A Bullet

No, .....Really

Dead Man's Party

who could ask for more?



Wisdom Teeth

how much more do you want from me&ques;


February Day

Let 'em Have It.

Nesting Instinct

Papa did his best, to get that nest up high. Higher than the cats can climb.


Misty's Dancing

We Stop For Nothing.

Ploughman's Share

is never fair.


Mare Crisium

....that's a massive crator on the moon if you' wondering what the song is about.
...it's about a couple breaking up....in a crater....on the moon, and then they go dancing.

The Rifle's Sight

This is It.


It Isn't All About Me

Life Seems So Much Brighter

Still Waters

Keep Rising.


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