1.America,The Shithole Country
2.Shooting Stars
3.Blame The Victim,No More!
4.Cast A Shade Long
5.Dirty Sheets
6.Love Letter To A School Shooter
7.Rubber Bullets
8.Bittersweet Life(Teenage Cutters)
9a.Tough Love Hurts v1.0
9b.Tough Love Hurts v2.0
10.Wisdom Teeth
12.Burning Diamond
13.Evolution,Devolution,Revolution v2.0

God Is A Bullet

Danny Sugerman Called it a LONG TIME AGO

The Fool 2009

100 Years Swimming in Tar
Cut To The Chase
The Fool
Porcilain Doll
Written by Seth Asa Sengel re-arrangement by Mahlon Greene.
Guest on fiddle, Dan Kellar of the Tarbox Ramblers
Hopeless Romantic
Welcome To The Afterlife
Reading Your Own Tombstone
The Roots Will Dig
Reinvent The Wheel
She Don't Mind
Written by Brandon Greene
Thee and Me and The Open Sea
Settle For The Compromise
The River Took My Sister
Still Waters added 2022
Trite As It Might Seem
with Tenor Sax, Paul Ahlstrand
and Drums by, Thomas Hallett
Last Dance In Eden


Itch To Scratch
with Tenor Sax, Paul Ahlstrand
Anything For Love
with Strings from, Tony Rogers
Girl I'll Never Know
with backing from, DayLow
Birds 'n Bees
Featuring Flute from, Seth Asa
with Strings from, Tony Rogers
and Tabla from, Steve Bross
Valentine's Day
Curiosity's Cat
with backing from, DayLow
Seventh Angel
with Tenor Sax, Paul Ahlstrand
Ignorance Is Bliss
Jessica Says
One Wrong Word
with Tenor Sax, Paul Ahlstrand
Lost True Love
with Tenor Sax, Paul Ahlstrand
Fleeting Glimpse
U Must B Def
House Of Cards
Bullets Flying


Some Kind Of Sacrifice
I'm A Little Broken, Too
Get Used To It
Me Too
Delicate Webs
From Here
Strange Fruit
Who Stole Your Heart
Fire Down Below
In The Shadow Of Your Star
The Thunder Outside
Slow Down
The Western Lands
Let Go

Cover Experiments


Big Time
Let's Dance
Dead Man's Party
Blood on the Scarecrow
Movin' Out
Killing Moon
I Hate Mondays
You Just Got Lucky
Here Comes The Flood
Bring Me The Head Of The Disco King


Under Pressure
Twilight Zone
When Doves Cry
Mad World
Little Child Running Wild


Jeux Sans Frontieres
The Logical Song
River Man
with Bass by Josh Neale
Love Is A Battlefield
Featuring the Flute of, Seth Asa
Real Life Flesh
Featuring the Flute of, Seth Asa
Not The One
Written by the fantastic super-busker, Gonzalo Silva
with Strings from, Tony Rogers
note...the drums are SUPPOSED to be disconnected from the strings.
This was an EXPERIMENT with having the two instruments represent the two lovers
that are out of step with one another's pace. arguably a great or terrible idea depending on your tolerance for artsy-fartsy recording efforts.

Featuring the Fiddle of, Damian Boucher
Little Earthquakes
with Flute from, Seth Asa
Hide And Seek


Pink Moon
Psycho Killer
Man's Man's Man's World
It Ain't Me Babe

2013-2022 Horn Project for fun

Too Much Ganja!

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